ASF Garage Reveal at M1 Concourse

Friday, October 1


M1 Concourse is an 87-acre auto enthusiast playground featuring the World’s Largest Private Garage Community with a 1.5-mile Performance Track. The facility is the ultimate automotive experiential marketing and end entertainment destination located 30 minutes from anywhere in Metro-Detroit. You will see garages from modest to extraordinary décor. Glass, marble, wood, and stainless steel all exquisitely designed to be the ultimate gearhead hangout! You will be dazzled by what you see. This reveal is a unique opportunity to peek inside some of the most extraordinary built-out garages and meet the enthusiasts that own these beautiful cars. The evening includes a trip along our “Bourbon Trail” with tastings, pairings of food, wine, and spirits.

It starts at 5:00 pm at the M1 Event Center. Concludes at 9:00 pm.

Limited to 100 guests

Cost: $200 per participant

Wrap up the day with rip-roaring post-race day party.