M1 Track Map and Site Plan

The M1 Concourse is a 1.5-mile road course, Champion Motor Speedway, in Pontiac, Michigan that is home to the world’s largest private garage community, consisting of over 250 garage/condo combinations. (See M1 background story for more information.)

The M1 Speed Ring will be the venue for ASF time trials on the on Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2nd. A dazzling display of iconic race cars and sports cars will on Sunday October 3rd, with feature cars displayed around the track.

Many of the daytime and evening social activities will take place at an all-new Event Center on the SE corner of the M1 grounds, which features a ballroom, exhibition areas and several bars and lounges. Track entrances and designated parking areas are as indicated on the map.

We hope to make your experience at the American Speed Festival / M1 Concourse one of the most memorable times of your life.